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Hazard analysis and risk assessment are often required during the design and construction phases of marine facilities. Hazards may be inherent to the facility design, initiated by the surrounding environment of the facility or a result of human error. Any hazard if occurs, depending on its frequency of occurrence and the severity of its consequence, may lead to a significant financial lose and possibly lose of life. GMFE, LLC offers a wide range of hazard analysis and risk assessment capabilities in support of marine facilities engineering, construction and operation. Studies may be tailored in coverage from a single system to a complete facility.

GMFE, LLC is capable of utilizing any one of a large variety of available hazard analysis tools in the performance of marine facilities hazard analysis. It can guide a Client through the trade-off among the tools so that the most cost effective tool is used for a particular study. Hazard analysis tools may be either team-based tools or tools implemented by a single analyst. Codes, standards and regulations may call for hazard analysis and may require specific techniques to be used in the performance of the hazard analysis. Marine terminals usually have to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) requirements and the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). USCG has formalized hazard assessment through their Risk-Based Decision Making (RBDM) Toolbox. A typical AHJ is MOTEMS, developed by the State of California that calls for a hazard analysis as a step in the development of a marine oil terminal fire plan. On military projects hazard assessment is usually conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-882.

Typical hazard analysis techniques used in hazard assessment studies may include one or more of the following partial list of techniques:

  • Energy Trace and Barrier Analysis (ET&BA);
  • “What If” Analysis;
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study;
  • Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA);
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA);
  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA);
  • Hazard Identification (HAZID) Study.
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