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GMFE, LLC offers design engineering services that cover the entire range of activities associated with the development of a bid package for a marine facilities project, including site investigations, preliminary, conceptual and detailed design. The final deliverable for such an effort typically will consist of contract drawings, equipment specifications and a cost estimate. In order to facilitate the project deliverables, services on any project may include one or more of the following partial list of design activities:

  • Design of salt/fire water pump stations;
  • Development of operating, maintenance and inspection procedures of hoses, and procedures for change-out of hoses;
  • Design of support facilities such as hose handling facilities and small boat harbor;
  • Preparation of emergency response procedures and procurement of emergency response equipment such as oil spill containment;
  • Design of fire fighting water/foam systems, including water delivery, foam preparation, locally/remotely operated monitors, and more.
  • Design of piping heat tracing and insulation in geographical areas subject to freezing;
  • Development of the composite operating envelope for a bank of loading arms and a tanker, considering tanker movement, tidal range, fleet composition and more;
  • Hydraulic analysis and sizing of piping and hoses;
  • Equipment sizing;
  • General arrangement of equipment and piping;
  • Piping and equipment support design;
  • Development of the composite operating envelope for a telescopic self-leveling gangways;
  • Piping manifolds for product-line segregation;
  • Preparation of bid packages for installation of loading arms;
  • Preparation of bid packages for installation of hydraulic/electric gangways;
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